georgia on my mind…

So, our long awaited vacation arrived… for the past four years, a group of girlfriends from college and I have discussed having a yearly reunion to continue to foster our friendships. We knew it was important to get started before all of us got married and started having babies, or else we might never do […]

failure, part two

Well, there you have it. That failure that I fear so much it numbs me and I do nothing? I’m in it. And, in some ways, it’s every bit as bad as I have imagined it to be. I’m scared to face the music- scared that people will reject my oh-so-flawed self. I know I […]

Captivating pg. 120

I read this last night and it really struck a chord with me… Reading George MacDonald (apparently a poet- I don’t know who he is!-hh) several years ago, I came across an astounding thought. You’ve probably heard that there is in every human heart a place that God alone can fill. (Lord knows we’ve tried […]