Typical day in my life…

Monday- Friday

5:30- alarm goes off.  hit snooze.

6:20ish- panic because I’ve hit snooze for way too long.  Get up and get ready.

7:15- leave house

7:45-3:15- teach!

3:15- 4:15- get stuff done.

4:15- leave for therapy

4:45- arrive for therapy.  Change into swimsuit and get on aquatic treadmill and stretch.  Then get out of swimsuit and do land stretches (fully clothed.)

6:30- leave and head home.  Pray I can walk.

6:45- Collapse into chair and bat eyelashes at husband in hopes that he cooks.  He usually does, because he’s amazing.

7:15- eat… hopefully while watching Once Upon a Time and/or How I Met Your Mother.

10:30- begin getting ready for bed.

11:15-11:30ish- asleep. 🙂


One thought on “Typical day in my life…

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