Day 8: Passions

I would say I’m a pretty passionate person.  Here’s the things that light my fire:

1. GT- it’s my career, so I’m glad. 🙂  I hate the way the education system so frequently stifles gifted learners.  No Child Left Behind, and no Child left unchallenged is my unofficial motto.  All children deserve to learn.

2. My faith- Jesus rocks.  I’m a fan.

3. My family.  I’m pasionate about being the best wife/daughter/sister/aunt I can be.  I fail at this more than i succeed, but i never stop trying.

4. Creative outlet- my actual passion differs from photography to sewing to whatever else I decide to care about at the moment, but I love having a way to express myself.

5. Life in general- it’s short and it’s precious.  I try to make each moment count.


One thought on “Day 8: Passions

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