10 people who have influenced me.

  1. Jesus.  As corny as it sounds, I do think of what He would do in a situation I’m struggling in, and I try to go with what I think he would  do.  He’s my #1 influencer, and his scripture helps me more than I can say.  I’m so thankful for scripture, especially the ones I’ve put to memory.
  2. My mom- she’s like my Jiminy Cricket.  I hear her voice inside my head more than any others. 🙂  She’s also my best friend.  We’ve had to navigate this whole “leavin’ and cleavin’ ” thing this past year, but I think we’ve found a healthy balance.  She’s one of my favorite people, and I know what my momma’s gonna think about most things before I ever ask her opinion.
  3. My daddy.  He teaches me to be more giving.  He gives himself until he doesn’t have anything left to give, and then he gives some  more.  Although I think he does need to learn to say NO more often, I still think he’s an amazing, giving person, and I want to be more like him.
  4. My husband. 🙂  His unique view of the world and passion to be a better person inspires me.  He’s also so giving and caring.  I can learn a lot from him.
  5. My FCS teachers, especially Mrs. Tuten and Dr. Camp.  These guys can be my Jiminy Cricket’s, too, especially in regards to relationships.  I think of all the conversations I had with Dr. Camp and Mrs. T inside and outside the classroom, and, even 8 years out of college, their wisdom and guidance still stick in my mind.
  6. My godparents, especially my godmothers.  They really should be called my fairy godmothers, because they are that fantastic.  They each have their own unique passions, but I love their view of the world and advice that they dole out.  They, along with their husbands, are a huge part of who I am.
  7. My college minister, Scott.  He was a huge influence in my life in college, and I still hear his passions and encouragement when I’m seeking God’s will over something.
  8. Dr. Christopher, my graduate advisor and professor.  Dr. C has a passion for giftedness and a passion for her students.  She never, ever let me get away with giving anything less than my best and she helped build a passion I didn’t even know I had.  She nearly killed me at times with her high expectations, but I’m so much of a better teacher and person because of it.
  9. My friends.  I can’t just name one or two, because they all have been huge influences.  Whether it’s been how to survive unspeakable tragedies, learning to love yourself- flaws and all, following your heart, or just plain old relationship advice, their influence and acceptance of me makes me a better person.
  10. My students.  They’re amazing.  Children are truly a gift, and their insight and view of the world is something that challenges me on a daily basis.  This crop of students this year is one of the naturally sweetest group of kids I’ve ever encountered.  They ask me about my back on a daily basis, worry about my brother’s health, and genuinely love me and the rest of the students.  They’re a sweet, special group and I’m lucky to be their teacher.

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