Day 7: Dream Job (s)

I don’t just have one dream job.  I think my interests are too varied for that.  So, here’s my list of dream jobs and a quick description of each.

  • Stay at home mama- I think this is probably the most consistent dream job I’ve had.  I want nothing more than to devote my life to my husband and kids.  We’re working to try and make that possible at least for a few years when the time comes. 🙂
  • Marriage and Family Counselor and/or Adolescent Counselor: I think this would be an incredibly hard but rewarding job.  I’d love to counsel gifted children, but I’d also love to help families thrive. 
  • Cake Shop Manager/Owner: I’ve always wanted to own a bakery with my brother.  I just think it would be an awesome adventure, and his talent should be more celebrated than it currently is.

One thought on “Day 7: Dream Job (s)

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