Day 4: (A little late): 10 things I wish I could tell my 16 year old self

  1. You are way skinnier than you realize.
  2. The boys you’re lusting after will either turn out to be a. gay or b. a priest.  You’ll be fine without them. 😉
  3. You will always regret giving up on friendships.
  4. It’s okay if you’re shy around guys.  The right one will appreciate you for it. 🙂
  5. Your future husband lives just under 5 miles away from you- and you’ve yet to meet him.
  6. You knew deep down the minute you stepped foot on LaTech that it would be special.  And, it really, really was.  So what if it didn’t sound prestigious?  It was the right place for you, and that’s all that mattered.
  7. Enjoy your family.  Yes, they’re crazy, and they may drive you crazy, but they rock and you know it.
  8. Ditch those glasses, embrace your contacts, and grow out your hair.  You’ll feel better about yourself. 🙂
  9. Don’t be so eager to grow up.  Life is a whole lot harder than you realize.
  10. And, finally, look closely at yourself.  Are you perfect?  Nope.  But you’re a pretty awesome person- your friends and family remind you of that often.  It’s time you started believing it yourself. 🙂

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