Day 3: My relationship with my parents

Oh, I love my parents.  I know everybody does, but I really love them.  They’re not perfect, but they’re the best people I know.  My daddy’s my hero and my mom is my best friend.  They’ve been married for almost 35 years, and their love and devotion inspires me in my own marriage.  They serve each other and take good care of each other, sometimes even when they don’t want to.  They have common interests (not all the same- but they share a love of food, wine,  travel, and yucky crime shows just to name a few.) and common friends and they genuinely like being around each other.   They’re loyal to their church and committed to their faith.  They’ve taught me that love is an action and not a feeling.  I’ve seen that clearly in the way they’ve dealt with the care for their parents, siblings, and us, their kids.  When the going gets tough, they get in there.    They don’t hide, but jump in full force and become the advocate.  They are/were extremely committed to their career, but value time away from work just as much.  I admire them so much.

Like I said before, my daddy’s my hero.  I think he can do no wrong.  His imperfections are mostly cute to me rather than annoying.  I adore him.  I always thought the reason I was so dang picky about the man I was going to marry was because they had so much to live up to.  My dad has always treated me like a treasure, and I wasn’t interested in a man that wouldn’t treat me the same.  (Bear fits the bill.  He’s so much like my dad it’s scary, but in all the right ways.  God is good. :))

My mom’s my best friend.  We talk almost every day for 20 minutes to an hour, whether talking about school, health, siblings, or anything else.  She’s been my rock throughout this back thing, taking off work to take me to doctor’s appointments, cooking me dinner when Bear works late, and altogether advocating for me when I didn’t know what to do.  She’s my mama bear and best friend, all in one.

So, yes, my parents rock.  I’m so lucky to have them, and I’m even luckier that they love me so well.  We typically see each other at least once a week, but I usually talk to one or the other daily.  The “leaving and cleaving” has been difficult, but I think we’ve found our way. 🙂


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