Day 2: (a day late): My fears

Sadly, I’d consider myself a fearful person.  I try so hard to overcome them, but I’m just cautious by nature.  I used to be TERRIFIED of heights, but I’m proud to say that repeatedly forcing myself onto roller coasters, jumping off cliffs, completing a canopy tour, and standing on glass floors hundreds of feet above ground have really remedied that one.  It’s still a struggle for me, but nowhere near where it was.

Other fears I haven’t overcome:

  • Crocodiles/Alligators: I have NO idea where this one came from, and I didn’t even know I had it until college when I lived with a girl that was obsessed with Crocodile Hunter.  I couldn’t watch the show it made me so nervous.  It’s continued into adulthood and I have trouble being around even large statues of alligators.  There’s an 8 foot statue in front of the real ones at the Fort Worth Zoo, and I literally hid behind my godfather because I couldn’t handle it.
  • My Back/My Health: I’m terrified that I’ll never heal.  I’m scared that I’ll be the way I am now- a fraction of my former self- for the rest of my life.  I hate being weak.  I try not to think about it too often because I want to think positively, but on the bad days, I worry so much about it.
  • Death- I’m scared of losing the people I love.  Bear, my parents, my siblings, my friends.  I know death is inevitable, but I’m terrified to lose them.  They’re my world.  I watch people go through the loss of a husband, mother, child and my heart hurts.  I don’t want to face that, ever.  I know that’s out of my control, but I’m scared of a world without the people I love.

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