reading  Goodness, Gracious Green by Judy Christie
writing    Lesson plans!
listening to the judges on Project Runway (I’m sooo behind!)
thinking I need to get my budonkadonk in bed.
smelling nothing.  It’s allergy season.  :-/
wishing that I could have one more day this weekend.  It was just magical. 😉
hoping  my back gets lots better soon.
wearing long sleeve t, Rangers jersey, and PJ pants (I wore the jersey and T with jeans to the game, just changed the pants when I got home).
loving my husband. We just spent a wonderful weekend together and I was reminded once again about all the reasons I’m madly in love with him.  I’m quite the smitten kitten at the moment. 🙂
wanting Dallas Summer Musicals season tickets.  Can’t decide if it’s worth the money.
needing sleep- and yet I’m still up. 🙂
feeling content.  My life is so blessed.
clicking through facebook and google reader.

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