Love, love, love… love is all you need.

I know I’m going to regret posting this, because i HATE discussing politics and I know this will open up a can of worms. Honestly, I avoid it at all costs.  I hate conflict. But this girl captures my heart and says it better than I can. And, right now, I can’t help looking at both sides of the spectrum and shaking my head.    I didn’t participate in political chicken day today and I couldn’t exactly explain why until I read this.  We need to LOVE, people, not promote companies that believe what we do.  Here’s her blog post:

(Read it, please!!!) 

In my aquatic therapy a few days ago, I mentioned that I had this great desire to go buy a chick fil a sandwich, eat it with rainbow oreos, and then shop at JCPenney’s (who’s getting hate mail because they had a gay spokesperson- Ellen and showed a same sex family for the father’s day ad).  At the end of the therapy session, an older lady pulled me aside, and with a very earnest look, asked me if I knew the Lord.  I told her that yes I did, but then I told her that boycotts and hate wasn’t part of the Jesus I knew.  I told her that I believed in love and respect.  (Do I believe in gay marriage?  I don’t think so, but honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve done a lot of soul searching on that, and I just don’t know where I stand anymore.  I need to really get into the Bible and study it more.)

I know how offended and hurt I felt when I heard a few of my friends bashing Christians and calling us hateful.  I can’t imagine how my friends that were homosexual felt today with thousands of people flooding to chick fil a to make a stand.  Whether or not I agree with my homosexual friends’ belief, I can’t help thinking that all chicken appreciation day did was widen the gap between “us” and “them”.

My brothers and sisters in Christ- I whole heartedly believe in freedom of speech, but don’t forget your mama’s words, too.  If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. 

And, now, as a reminder for me and everyone else, here’s a song I keep repeating to myself.  I hope all Christians, including me, meditate on this:

We will work with each other, we will work side by side
We will work with each other, we will work side by side
And we’ll guard each one’s dignity and save each one’s pride
And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love
They will know we are Christians by our love

They’ll Know we are Christians by Carolyn Arends

Right now, I’m seeing a lot of stuff that we agree and disagree with, but not a lot of love.


One thought on “Love, love, love… love is all you need.

  1. I think what I have come to realize is that we can’t expect those who do not have the same moral standard as us to stand on the same Truth that we do. Although God tells us explicitly in His Word what He thinks about homosexuality, we cannot expect someone who is not a follower of Christ to follow God’s standards. But too many of us try to shove our Biblical values on those who don’t believe the Bible is true. So long as we are doing our job sharing the Gospel – the True Gospel- then we should never be offended by someone having a different moral standard than we do. It should sadden us, and it should stir up compassion within us, but we should also accept that they have made a choice- that it is their’s to make- then give it to God and Trust in the Holy Spirit to do His job. Only the Holy Spirit can change hearts. Only He can bring anyone into the arms of Jesus. Parading our beliefs about what the Bible says about certain topics doesn’t help others to know Him one bit. We pray, we examine our own hearts of where we have fallen short ourselves, and we take every opportunity to share the Hope that we have in Christ, rather than taking every opportunity to point our fingers at those who don’t know Jesus. As questions arise, we answer them with humble hearts, knowing what Jesus has saved us from- knowing that we are still sinners who fall short of the Glory of God, and it is only because of His Grace and Mercy that we are able to proclaim the Hope that we have, and Love those who don’t necessarily hold the same beliefs that we do. Until we understand that, we cannot do any good at shining the Light of Christ in this dark world.

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