Things I can’t wait to do… the updated version

Things I can’t wait to do

1.  Wiggle.  Getting better, but still can’t wiggle well.

2. Bend down to get something without pain/worry.   Yeah, not yet. 🙂

3. Dance.   I danced two slow dances at my wedding!  I can’t dance dance yet, but I’m still happy I was able to dance with my husband and father!

4. Work out.   Sort of.  I am doing therapy in the pool, which is the most that I can do now. It feels great, but I still yearn for yoga, pilates, treadmills, and the like. 🙂

5. Put clothes away without pain.   Getting there!  I’m doing much better with this.  I can also put clothes in the washer and load the top shelf of the dishwasher.  I know this doesn’t sound like much, but it’s huge for me!

6. Sit up straight.   Yes!  I can definitely do this!

7. Park in the back of a parking lot and walk in without pain.    I have done this a few times.  I still can’t do it often, but I can do it way more than I could before!

8. Go grocery shopping.   Yes!  I’ve done this many times, both with and without the motorized cart.  I still can’t carry my own groceries, but I am proud of myself all the same.

9. Go to the mall.  Bear and I have done this a few times.  I can’t walk the entire mall or anything, but I can go about half the distance.  So exciting to me!

10. Sleep on my stomach.  I can do this for a little while with a pillow underneath my belly.  Definitely not all night, but for 15-30 minutes.  Sometimes it just feels nice to not lay on your back!

11. Cook a full meal.   Does a crockpot count?  I’m still working on this.  I think I’ve made brownies, heated up pasta, but not a full meal yet.  I’m getting there, though.

12. Carry my own laptop bag.   Will be a few months before I can do this. 

13. Take a bath.   I did this on the honeymoon!  It was divine!!!

14. Watch Bear play softball again.   I’ve done this once or twice, but am still not a regular.  I miss it, but church still wears me out and frequently prevents me from going.

15. Organize my garage.   Well, I didn’t do it, but my (awesome!) husband, mother-in-law, and parents did.  It’s so much better.  Still needs some work, but incredible progress.

16.  Have a drink.   I’ve had one- the week after the wedding.  It was nice, but wasn’t worth the pain the next day (I couldn’t take my anti-inflammatory that night because of the drink.)  One day I will, but probably not anytime soon.

17. Go a day without painkillers.  DONE!  I’ve done this a few times!  Everyday I do this is a huge success.

18. Get married… without a back brace. :)    Check!!!  It was amazing.  Haven’t worn my back brace since May 22nd, the day of my surgery. (I wore it into the hospital.)

19. Not plan my outfit around my back brace.   Oh, man, I don’t miss this.  So grateful to be out of that thing.

20. Spend a day without pain.   Still working on this.  I definitely have hours without pain, but definitely not all day.  Someday.

21. Hold and play with my nephews.  Not yet.  BLT (No bending, lifting, leaning, or twisting) restrictions still limit this.

So, I haven’t made a ton of progress, but considering that I basically never left my bed from March 31- May 22nd, I feel like I’m lucky to have the progress I have!  I’ll take it.  There’s still definitely hard days (like when I had the infection in my back- that was ROUGH!), but I’m making progress.  As long as I’m moving forward and not back, I’m happy.

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