Sizzlin’ Summer, week 3

Okay, Sundays are just not good days for me updating!  I need to work on this! 🙂  I’m still plodding along on the challenge.  I did get my six hours of exercise in, although it was just walking and doing my recovery back exercises.

Monday (my WW official weigh-in day) i was up 1.6 lbs, and I was really frustrated because I weigh myself everyday and hadn’t had a gain- I was looking at a small loss.  But, I think that was mainly due to intestinal troubles.  I’m back down 2 lbs, which means that I’ve lost about a half pound.  Pretty pitiful all things considered, but a loss is a loss.  I had a wild weekend and I wasn’t watching what I ate, so that’s definitely to blame.

As for the challenge, I’m not going to do the “new” exercise.  (I will in future weeks, but for now, I need to concentrate on the exercises I have!)  I’m doing the advocare cleanse again this week (Well, I really started over on Monday morning… so this will be my goal.  (No carbs, no sugar is quite a challenge for me!)

One thought on “Sizzlin’ Summer, week 3

  1. Sometimes the scale can be evil. Keep at it and it will become your friend again! Good luck getting in your water this week! That should help!!

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