Coming BACK to life…

So, here’s the full details on my back and my 4-week progress.

  • Progressing to aquatic therapy
  • Cleared for small amounts of driving (probably won’t until after the wedding, but not sure)
  • Cleared for honeymoon activities 😉
  • Dr. B thinks I could have children naturally (amazing- I didn’t think this would be possible) provided I give my back a year or so to heal.
  • I’ve got the a-ok to run when my body is fully healed. (Could be anywhere to 6 months to a year, but still!   Yeah!)
  • I can start bicycling at 8-12 weeks.

Also, he mentioned (off-hand at that) that had I not had the surgery, the chances of me being paralyzed would have been pretty high.  Scary stuff.  I’m still reeling a bit from that little bit of news.  I guess it just reinforces my feelings that I’m a walking miracle.  God is good. I’m so grateful to have a doctor so talented and unwilling to let me continue to decline!



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