Sizzlin’ summer, week two.

Okay, well the scale didn’t move.  There were two main reasons for that:

1. I didn’t eat that great.

2. My monthly visitor came and I was bloated.

So, this week, I’m really trying to work on it.  In addition to weight watchers, I’m adding in the advocare 10 day cleanse and 14 day weight loss challenge (with a brief break for wedding and honeymoon right smack dab in the middle!)

Since I’m four days late posting, here’s how I’m doing (so far) on this week’s challenge:

Pretty good!  I had PT (which lasts about an hour) yesterday and today, and I have to take two walks each day.  I haven’t kept stringent times, but I think I am at about 4 hours of exercise so far. (Because I’ve only very recently had surgery, any walks (even ones I wouldn’t normally count- like a trip to Best Buy or walking to and from the ballpark) count right now as exercise, because it is still a challenge.  I’m pretty positive I’ll make six hours of exercise this week.  I just need to spend more time doing my exercises and not just walking. 🙂

One thought on “Sizzlin’ summer, week two.

  1. Planning a wedding can be stressful so I commend you for still trying to stick with the plan! You seem to have your goals set up, which is great,. You must be so excited to get married. Congrats! Enjoy every moment of your big day!!!

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