Weight watchin’

Well, now that my back is (somewhat) under control, I’m ready to get the rest of my life under control as well.  This summer I have plans to renovate the house a bit, organize the house, too, and get my body working again!  My goal this year was to lose some weight.  Through all the problems, bedrest, and surgery, I managed to keep my weight under control (and even lose three or four pounds).

In January, I weighed 181 lbs. (Still down a bit from my highest point, but higher than the summer before).

Here’s the stats today: (Sidenote, Bear did all these measurements.  You know you’re in a loving and secure relationship when you will let him measure you and actually know the results!)

  • Bust: 40 1/2
  • Natural waist: 34″
  • Butt: 43″
  • arm: 13″
  • Thigh: 25 1/2″
  • Weight: 179.4 (end of day after catching up on my water, so slightly higher than normal)

I’m going to try and keep up with the Sizzling Summer challenge from Does this butt make my blog look fat?.  I won’t be able to do everything due to recovery from the surgery and restrictions (I will not be able to bend, twist, or lift more than 5 lbs for a few months), but I am willing to do what I can.  I will try and post pics tomorrow… er, actually today.

First weekly challenge: Tracking!  I need to track daily what I eat.  I’m still a weight watcher, so I’ll be doing it through their website.


3 thoughts on “Weight watchin’

  1. Glad you have decided to join the challenge. Hopefully there are not too many weeks that require things that will be affected by your recovery. You can modify however you deem necessary. We’ll be here to cheer you on!

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