Dr. Visit #2 (the nice doctor)

I went to the second opinion doctor today.  Basically, he said the same thing as the mean doctor.  I’m out of options except for surgery.  (Insert huge GRRRRRRRRRRRR here- not at all what i wanted to hear!)  However, he can do the minimally invasive surgery rather than the more invasive surgery.  (It goes from 4-6 months of recovery with normal surgery to 6-8 weeks with the minimally invasive one- HUGE difference.) He basically said that with three months of treatment, with little to no results, it’s time to seek out surgical options.

To further rock my world, he highly recommends that I try and get it done before the wedding.  He said it’s my best chance of having a pain-free normal wedding day and that I shouldn’t have to live like this any longer.  (He stated that even if I’m not fully recovered, I’d probably still be better than I am now.)  I’m getting married in 8 weeks, 3 days, so timing will be a HUGE factor.  The only way I can do it and still have recovery time is to do it ASAP.  Tomorrow or Friday I will have another MRI to double check and make sure everything else is okay, and then I’m back in his office next week to most likely schedule surgery (provided that’s what we decide.)  If we can’t schedule the surgery with at least six weeks recovery before the wedding, we’ll have to make some big decisions.

So, I prayed for answers and got it- it just wasn’t what I expected! 🙂

So, once again, I’m asking for your prayers.  I’m honestly quite anxious at the thought of spinal surgery, so I need to be okay with this, or at least a little less scared, before we can proceed.  (Bear and my family I think saw this coming better than I did, so they were much more prepared for the idea of surgery than me at the moment.)  Like I said earlier, I was really hoping for a non-surgical option, too, so not having one kinda shook me up a bit.  Prayers for discernment and peace of mind would be appreciated.   Also, this would involve a lot of logistics, so prayers for that, too.


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