Dr. Visit #1

So, today, I visited my primary care doctor (whom I love and trust- he’s never steered me wrong).  I came in, told him the bad doctor drama, and then discussed with him my concerns.  (Inadequate care, rude to me, etc)  He confirmed my belief that it was time to change and highly recommended Mr. New Dr. and said that he hears nothing but good things about him.  So, that eased some anxiety.

I also brought up the psoriatic arthritis worry to him and requested a blood test.  He told me that, since I haven’t been responding to treatment, that it was a great plan to get it checked out.  He also explained that blood tests aren’t a definite diagnosis, so I needed to see a rheumatologist no matter what the blood test said.  I’m always scared that the doctors think I’m a hypochondriac or an idiot, so to have him support my instincts and even compliment me on taking care of myself made me feel really good.  I felt like I was getting somewhere… although it will probably take a while to figure this all out.  (The nurse said not to expect to be seen by the rheumatologist for a few weeks.)

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