Why you gotta be so mean?

Ugh.  Today was a doctor’s appointment from down under.  This was an appointment that I previously thought they had canceled, but then they called me the other day to confirm it, so I took it.  My mom went with me because in previous appointments the doctor and PA have been so quick to leave that it took both of us to get any questions answered.

So, I got there, and immediately sensed a change in disposition.  Although I haven’t been happy with the level of care I’ve been receiving from them, they have always been kind.  Not so much today.  Both the PA and Dr. were just rude and accusatory.  It’s like the thought of a second opinion was a slap in the face.  I was shocked- I just didn’t expect such a change in attitude when I felt like this was a pretty common action.  I’ve steadily gotten worse over a three and a half month period, despite being under the care and treatment of a doctor.  OF COURSE I’m going to seek a second opinion!  I’d be stupid not to!

Besides that, they told me pretty much they have exhausted all options.  They said my only options at this point was to suck it up and “deal with it” or to get surgery.  Neither one appeals.  I’m VERY anti-surgery if I can possibly avoid it.  At my age, it’s just not a good plan if there’s any way we can avoid it.  Plus, they haven’t exhausted all options because they haven’t figured out if this is the correct (and only) diagnosis.

It was just a very frustrating experience, but it did reinforce that I’m doing the right thing by seeking a second opinion- well, at this point, getting a new doctor.  I can’t put up with that behavior.  I won’t.

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