working my way back..

Well, it’s been three months since the whole back drama started, and sadly, I’m not better.  In fact, I’m worse.  I’m currently on bedrest because my back was getting progressively worse and only rest seemed to help make it better.  I’ve maxed out my insurance (my out of pocket), gotten to know a few nurses, become an expert on heat/ice, watched just about every television show, played countless hours of video games, watched a ton of movies, painted my nails countless times, and played draw something for hours.  I am FINALLY starting to get better.  Thanks to the help of a steroid shot, I’ve officially had more good days than bad last week. (4-3!)  I’m still dependent on muscle relaxers and pain pills, but I’m making progress and taking them farther apart whenever possible.

The problem is that I got SO much worse before I got better.  The above mentioned steroid shot, which has helped, caused an extremely painful reaction the night I got it.  It was literally the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life.  I was shaking, gripping the sheets with both hands, and unable to move.  I have never felt such intense pain, and there’s a whole lot of pain attached to this injury.  I had already had a very bad muscle spasm earlier in the week that had made me weaker, and the combination of the two knocked out all of my strength.  From the Saturday before Palm Sunday to the Monday after Easter, I only got out of bed to go to the bathroom, and even then I held on to the bed, dresser, wall, etc.  It was all I could do.  I couldn’t sit up, either, because the pain was too intense.  So, since Tuesday, I’ve been trying to slowly gain back some strength.  I walk to the kitchen to get a snack or a drink once or twice a day now rather than have someone else do it… I’ve even been able to reheat my meal.  Progress every day, folks.  My main focus this week, though, has been sitting up.  It’s still painful, but I’m working on it.  Today, Bear (who deserves his own blog post to display just how amazing he is!) took me on my first trip out of the house in more than a week.  We went to Hallmark to look at wedding books. I didn’t walk, I used my mom’s wheelchair, but I was still sitting up for about 30-45 minutes!  I was sooo proud of myself- huge progress!  So, now I have to keep working and getting better.  It is taking way longer than I wanted or expected, but I’ll take progress any way it comes!


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