Things I can’t wait to do

1.  Wiggle.

2. Bend down to get something without pain/worry.

3. Dance.

4. Work out.

5. Put clothes away without pain.

6. Sit up straight.

7. Park in the back of a parking lot and walk in without pain.

8. Go grocery shopping.

9. Go to the mall.

10. Sleep on my stomach.

11. Cook a full meal.

12. Carry my own laptop bag.

13. Take a bath.

14. Watch Bear play softball again.

15. Organize my garage.

16.  Have a drink.

17. Go a day without painkillers.

18. Get married… without a back brace. 🙂

19. Not plan my outfit around my back brace.

20. Spend a day without pain.

21. Hold and play with my nephews.


One thought on “Things I can’t wait to do

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