Last update on Resolutions of 2009…

(Key: Blue- completed, Green- In progress, Red- not begun)
1. Run a mile without stopping to walk- Nope.  Didn’t happen.  Lots of reasons, but mainly, I didn’t make it a priority.
2. Take a trip to Glen Rose to come face to face with the animal that terrifies me. (It’s also just a way cool place.) I do have plans to go in the next few months with my godfather for a photography trip.  We’ll see.
3. Host a get-together every month. I worked too hard for this house to not share it with everybody. I’m pretty positive this happened.  I had four or five real parties, a couple dinner parties, and the girls came over at least two or three times a month.  I also hosted a TON of people this past year, which wasn’t part of this, but was wonderful all the same.  I love that I have a place for people to stay when they need to!
4. Wear my sassy shoes. Bring comfy shoes to work for planning period if neccessary, but break out those babies! For the most part, I’m satisfied with this.  I got some cute new shoes that I wore to school, and I’m making a concerted effort to wear the sassy ones!
5. Take a continuing ed class about art or photography. I bought a DSLR on Black Friday and have been playing around with it ever since.  I’m taking a class this January.
6. Travel outside the state… where? I don’t know, but I don’t travel near as much as I want to. Check! A couple trips to Ruston, and a big trip to Chicago and Philly.  (Super fun!)   I can’t believe I never posted about that trip.. will have to soon.

7. Switch out a chemical I use for one that’s more eco-friendly. (I’ve bookmarked  tons of recipes for cleaners, but if you’ve got one you love, please share!) Done!  I LOVE my all-purpose cleaner.  I use it to clean toilets, wash mirrors, clean floors… you name it.  It’s amazing.  (Now if only I remembered the recipe…)

I’ll be posting my resolutions for 2010 very soon.  I already have a couple in mind.  I honestly feel quite good about 2009’s resolutions.  I didn’t accomplish them all, but, all in all,  it was a great year.


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