update on resolutions…

Just wanted to update you and remind myself of my 2009 resolutions.  I tried to make them fun and/or challenging.   Here’s how I’m doing so far…

(Key: Blue- completed, Green- In progress, Red- not begun)
1. Run a mile without stopping to walk.  Still working on this one… I’m training for a 5K in mid July by doing intervals, but I can’t keep running for longer than a couple minutes before stopping to walk.  We’ll see, though… I’m not giving up!
2. Take a trip to Glen Rose to come face to face with the animal that terrifies me. (It’s also just a way cool place.)   Have not done this one yet.  I definitely need to- perhaps around my birthday??? 🙂
3. Host a get-together every month. I worked too hard for this house to not share it with everybody.  So far, so good.  I have not had big parties every month, but I have constantly been inviting people over.
4. Wear my sassy shoes. Bring comfy shoes to work for planning period if neccessary, but break out those babies!  Not completed.  I’ve had some toe drama and was confined to only a few pairs for a while.  But, at church, I’ve definitely been breaking out those sexy things!
5. Take a continuing ed class about art or photography. I’ve been “meaning” to do this for years, and it’s about time!  I have not signed up for any class yet.  I’m trying to buy a SLR in the next few weeks.  We’ll see!
6. Travel outside the state… where? I don’t know, but I don’t travel near as much as I want to.   Check!  Already taken two trips to Lousiana, and have a trip booked to Chicago and Philly in a few weeks.
7. Switch out a chemical I use for one that’s more eco-friendly. (I’ve bookmarked tons of recipes for cleaners, but if you’ve got one you love, please share!)  Done!  I’m using a white vinegar and dish soap all-purpose cleaner that’s been pretty good.



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