Modern Elegance meets Rustic Revival

So, the more I decorate my house, the more I realize just how eclectic my taste is. I love clean modern lines, but I also love comfy, cozy spaces. I love asian details, but I appreciate artisan stuff, too. I was describing my style as asiancontique… asian meets contemporary meets antique. But, lo and behold, there’s two names for my style!
According to’s amazing decorating quiz, I am 50% modern elegance and 50% rustic revival. Both styles lean towards eclectic and fit me perfectly. The modern elegance is a balance between traditional and contemporary, while the rustic revival is an emphasis on wood and antiques with a slight mix of modern and country thrown in. I’m sure this makes absolutely no sense to anybody else, but I felt like they really did understand my style.


One thought on “Modern Elegance meets Rustic Revival

  1. I’m pretty eclectic too in what I like, so I understand!

    YOU are the winner of a prize on my blog! We picked a second winner from the Neutral Dwelling giveaway and you won a set of very lovely vases!!! I put a photo of them on my post so you can see them. Email me your address and Paula will send them right out to you! Congratulations!

    Happy day,

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