Better late than never! Here’s my plan: Monday: Chicken Caesar Tuesday: Taco Soup Wednesday: More Taco Soup (I’m a single girl!) Thursday: Grilled Chicken and Veggies Friday: Eating out with friends Saturday: Leftovers Sunday: Meatloaf with green beans and fingerling potatoes! (YUM!) Advertisements

New year, new blog.

In this crazy world of crime and mischief, I became increasingly uncomfortable with having my name in my blog.  So, I’m making the big change.  I’m still girl meets world, but with a cool new blog address! 🙂 This is still my real life blog, but I’m also going to be blogging more about my […]

I cried today. It caught me by surprise. I came across this photo… This is at my brother’s house a year ago in January 08. Chris (with lots of help from my other bro Brad and Chris’s then fiance Lisa) decorated it with my grandparents’ bar and assorted bar paraphenalia that that they had in […]

I’m an ambitious girl.  I don’t say that to brag, it’s just true.  I don’t like getting a B when I know I can get an A.  I don’t want to be a good teacher, I want to be the best.  I don’t want to be a good Christian, I want to be an awesome […]